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WinCut can cut a large file into pieces, then recovers these pieces into original file.       
The size of each piece can be any as you like.
The soft ware can be considered as an assistant tool of WinZip and WinRar.
The basic cases of using the software are:

  1. Floppy disk
    If a file is larger than 1.4 M, you can use the tool to cut it into smaller pieces, then copy each piece into a floppy disk - of course, you must set piece size less than 1.4 M.    
  2. Internet master
    As an internet master, it is very possibly that you have a large file for your user.
    You can use the tool to cut the large file into pieces, the size of each piece is up to you.

The software is very easy to be used, you can do cutting or recovering in seconds.
Cutting a large file

The tool is a small dialog box (see picture 1).
After executed the tool, you use mouse dragging a large file from file manager and dropping it on the small dialog, then cutting dialog will be displayed (see picture 2).
Select "Folder" for output, type size of cutting piece, press button "Apply" - that is all.
All pieces are cut into the folder selected.

Recovering pieces
Put all pieces in one folder (normally users download files into one folder), run the tool (still the small dialog), then dragging the folder from file manager and dropping it on the small dialog, recovering dialog will be displayed (see picture 3).
Select "Folder" for output, press button "Apply" - that is all.
All pieces are recovered as original file into the folder selected.
(The folder which contains pieces can contain other files also.)

If you know how to use mouse dragging file, you know how to use the tool also - it is just so easy.

Main interfaces of the software.

Agreement of use WinCut

WinCut is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
The software is free based on one of following three conditions.

  1. You are an end user
    Download the software directly from this site.
    Or use the software distributed by us or authorized organizations.
  2. Education organizations
    If you are a school, university or any kind of education organizations, you can copy and distribute the software as a whole inside the organization, to your students, teachers and staffs, but the distribution must be for free.
  3. Internet master
    You can add the tool on your web-site, your users can download directly from your place.
    In this case, you must show the software is developed by us, and set a link to this site.

In any other cases, this program, any files, images or any parts of this program can not be copied, reproduced in any form or by any means if without prior written permission from us.
If you accept the agreement, you can download it now.
Download (80 K)    

Thank you