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Version 1.16, go to download directly

Paper-Label-maker is a professional software for printing paper labels, such as address labels, letterheads, flyers, file brochures, postcards, software and product labels. 

Main advantages of the program:
  1. High degree of accuracy
    Tolerance of printed content on paper is within 0.1 to 0.5 mm for the most of recent inkjet and laser printers, it means labels can be printed at exact positions as you want.
  2. Flexible designing
    The program contains three projects: Single, Multiple and Format, which are implemented for different purposes and  satisfy for both business and personal requirements.
  3. Rich in properties
    Border, Background, Place, Transparent images, Trace, Font and Align properties allow you to design labels in many nice styles for both plain and fixed label papers. 
  4. Support for all databases implicitly
    Customer data in any databases can be easily exported into the program for printing customer related labels - such as post addresses.
  5. Easy-to-use
    You can get start in 5 minutes then reach to all features of the program naturally.
    Label templates are historical stories from today.   

Followings are 2 interfaces of the program.
Thanks for our world unique feature of printing transparent images with multiple transparent colors, our labels are really in art level.

  • Main interface of Single project

    Single project prints labels with same contents, typical usage is for return address labels.
    Multiple project prints labels with varied contents, typical usage is for post address labels.
    Format project prints formatted labels, such as software labels and product labels.
  • Print preview   (Format project)

    Picture above is print-preview of a Format project with varied Customer IDs and CD keys.

    The project is formatted for printing software labels with following types:
    • First column has Leading type - following column is aligned
    • Customer ID is increased one by one in label sequence, which consists 2 parts:
      1. First part is Fixed text (CBAE in the example)
      2. Second part is Base ~ Change type with length 8
      Please note, it can be formatted with many types to fit for any database requirements.
    • CD key is is unique in all labels, which consists of 3 parts:
      1. First part is a Random English & Number string with length 6 (such as HGUEY5)
      2. Second part is Fixed text (one character hyphen in this example)
      3. Third part is Random Number with length 4 targeted to length 8 (such as 00003724)
      Please note, it can be formatted to any style to fit your CD key or password requirements.

Once again, you can get start in 5 minutes to bring you a new label story with high degree of accuracy and abundant designing.
Please note: 
The software focuses on printing labels on papers rather than on CD/DVD disks directly.
But when you require CD/DVD labels in formal styles, such as for software, audio and video products, you can print labels on self adhesive sheets first, then stick them on recordable CD/DVD cases or cassettes - if so, the software is special for this kind of tasks, because it grows up from a base of printing software labels. 
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To webmasters:
If you are a master of downloads, forums, blog, news, articles or other website, you can announce the software on your site based on:
  • Be nice
    You can modify software descriptions in anyway as you like, please be nice to respect software developers.
  • Upload to your site
    You can upload the software to your site, so users can download from your place directly.
    But we hope you use our download link because we may update the software often.
  • Free
    The software can not be sold in any senses because it is free and copyrighted.
Followings are software information for your conveniences Thank you

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Properties of the program
  • Transparent images
    The program allows to use up to 30 transparent colors for printing images.
    This is our unique contribution to the world, you can not find second software to design this kind of nice images for your labels!
    Maximum 4 images can be printed, one or more of them can be chosen for barcode.  
  • Borders
    Supports for following borders:
    • Fixed borders
      Rectangle (square), ellipse (circle), diamond, corner ellipse (round rectangle), slashes.
    • Polygon border libraries
      I love you (heart), eggs, houses.
      Equivalent polygon and stars (triangle, diamond, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and so on)
      Trapezium, sine (cosine), round, line and more...
    • User polygons
      It allows you to draw and design border shapes yourself by points.
      User polygon is drawn on an 256x256 fixed grid then fit to labels automatically.  
    Our borders are suitable for small, medium and larger labels, please come again to get new updates.
  • Background
    Colorful solid, colorful hatch, fixed patterns and user patterns can be added as background of labels.
    User patterns are defined by small pictures and allow you to design your favorite background yourself. 
  • Zorder
    The property arranges printing orders of label contents, such as image over text or vice verse, to ensure best printing results.
    So our label looking is data merged especially with transparent images.
  • Place 
    It determines label places on label paper, such as margins, size and gaps (spacing).
    The software provides standard paper stocks of Avery papers, or you can design label places by yourself.
  • Align
    The property allows you to position text on label with different alignments and margins for adjustment.
  • Trace
    It determines printing tasks and start-end positions.
    For example, label on envelop may be considered to print a label for every page (envelop), or continue from any position with an used label paper. 
Support for all databases and documents implicitly  
The software allows you to print customer related labels easily, the typical case is post addressing labels. 
A middle file is interface or transferring media between customer data and the program.  
You just need to use simple SQL query to retrieve user records from  tables of any kind databases (such as mysql, oracle, SQL-server, access, excel) to generate a simple data file, then import the file into the software.    
If customer data is on specially formatted documents rather than databases - such as MS office standard (Word process, PowerPoint, excel etc), pdf files, or any kinds, you still can import them into the program by the middle data file.

Related readings:
Besides printing normal labels, such as on plain or Avery standard papers, the program intends to enhance and focus on all situations for all of possible commercial, public and private cases with the best user considerations.
  • Printing one label / per-paper
    Two properties of the software can be chosen to implement the requirement
    1. Place properties
      Selecting a suitable rectangle (by margin and size) according to label place on the page then input a large distance for gap (or space).
    2. Trace properties
      Selecting ending with one label.
  • Printing background image
    Choosing an image from Image properties with topmost-leftmost as start point, then selecting re-sample to label or actual size according to your image size.
    In any cases, image part over label borders will be clipped, so image will be printed on and only on entire label with best result.
  • Barcode
    Barcode can be printed by images, you can use any barcode software to create barcode images then loaded them from image properties to the program.
  • CD / DVD labels
    Using Place properties to arrange label positions at right points, you can print CD / DVD labels flexibility.
    Some software are specially designed for CD/DVD labels, such as Acoustica and AudioLabe, but this program focuses on paper labels.l
  • Operating system
    Supports for Windows 98, 2000, XP, NT, 2003 Server.
    It should work on Windows me and Windows 95 also even there is no guarantee. 
    Computer hardware required is only one normal printer of any kind. 
  • Help
    The program contains an online material in chm qualified to track important customer's developing resources.
  • No templates
    The software is a standalone program, which does not require and generate any templates by using Microsoft office words, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe reader or writer etc. as third-part tools.

Please note, many things can be considered as paper for suitable printers:
Such as envelope, business, photo, trading, greeting, shipping and mailing card, document, letterhead, music, video, audio CD / DVD & floppy disks, sign, cover, post pack, book, tag, ticket, self adhesive and bumper sticker, stock, trademark, stamp, logo, Christmas post, calendar, article, agenda, badge, billet, calendar, cardboard, check, docket, fiberboard, identification, pass, jewel case, schedule, color sheet, graphics,  tally, timetable, voucher, handout, clothing, T-shirt  and more.

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