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(version 3.201)

If you need enterprise edition of the software, you can purchase it from this page.
Java Launcher (standard edition) is a 30 days trial product. 
In its trial period, standard edition is the same as enterprise one, please refer to edition notice for more. We suggest you use standard edition first, which can be free downloaded from this page.
If you determine to purchase the software, please read bellow.

  1. Delivery
    Enterprise edition is delivered on CD.
    After you purchase Java-Launcher, product CD will be posted as quickly as possible in 2 working days by us.
  2. Price (US dollars)
    Number of license price/per-license total price (maximum)
    1 $99 $99
    2-5 $89 $445
    6-10 $79 $790
    11-20 $69 $1380
    21-50 $59 $2950
    51-100 $49 $4900
    101-500 $39 $19500
  4. Refund
    We do not offer refund, so it is your responsibility to make decision to purchase the software.
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