Advanced user of Java Launcher

We need your assistances to update this software.
If you obtain 20 assistant points, we guarantee that you will be awarded an enterprise copy of Java Launcher for free.

Assistant points are easy to be obtained, only thing you need to do is sending your ideas to us.

Assistant points of you ideas are classified as following:
  1. New launching features (20 points / each)
    currently the software contains four launching features, please view them as references.
    for example, if you know a software which contains launching features we don't have, or you have new launching concepts in your mind, you can tell us about that.
  2. Any useful new idea (10 points / each)
    for example, system classpaths or monitor streams
  3. Bug report, comments and suggestions (2-10 points/each)
    and anything which is up to you.

Your email
  1. Please send your emails with topic "assistances for Java launcher"
    and version of the software used
  2. Send in plain text and avoid using attachments
    normally we don't open attachments because of virus except you have suitable plain text from which we know your attachments are important.
  3. You must have your name (nickname or real-name), city (place) and country in your email
  4. Your email address is your user ID, assistant points are only recognized by your email address.

Your rights
  1. you can keep your points to any time to obtain any enterprise version we have
    (points will be decreased 20 for any copy)
  2. you can transfer the software awarded to others (such as your friends)

Please note:
  • assistant points are awarded to first two users who provide same ideas
  • if your assistances are interesting but not very clear, please tell us more at our request 
Our email address is

Thank you