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  1. Sync JEdit 1.20 - the advanced Java IDE - released on April/18/2006 (refer to).
  2. Understanding Java Class Hierarchy is very easy now because of the online software.

Version 3.201, jump to download directly

Java Launcher is a powerful Java tool and an easy-to-use software, which contains nine features totally:

  • Six launching features accessed in windows explorer (see picture 1)
    1. Run java applications and applets by double-clicking class files in explorer
      as if they are normal windows executable files.
      at same time, the software can check class errors (such as package error) and monitor streams for java exceptions
    2. Display java source code in text format and class hierarchy in graphic format by right-clicking class files in explorer
      class files are not restricted to application and applet classes, they can be any.
    3. Examine contents of jar and zip files in details without extracting them by just one right-clicking in explorer
      source code of class files, java, html, xml and all text formatted files inside those compressed files are displayed by interfaces of the feature.
    4. Compile thousands of java files by just one right-clicking in explorer.
      a perfect option allows java files to be compiled as a whole, directory by directory and file by file.
    5. Execute thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer.
      it detects applications and applets from class files automatically and provides all options required.
    6. Debug thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer.
      it automatically provides signatures of fields, methods, classes and more for stop-in, watching and tracking with debugging process.
  • Two creating features (see picture 2)
    1. Create windows exe files
      the software compresses all class and other files (such as image files) into a single exe file.
      the exe file can be launched by double-click in windows explorer as if it is a normal windows executable file.
      user icon, arguments of java method main(), system and user classpaths can be added to the exe file.
      you can distribute the single exe file to your customers without other files.
    2. Create executable jar files
      the jar files are compressed from all class and related files and compatible with multiple platforms.
      you can launch java application by double-click the jar files if using windows.
  • And Java Help System (refer to Picture 3 and 4)
    1. The software automatically generates an advanced Help System for JDK (or) J2SE documentations without spending your any energy and time.
      JDK documentations can be downloaded from java sun, normally you should have them unzipped in your computer already.
      Java Help System contains 4 pages (Contents, Index, Search and Favorite) on left-side window, it can displays not only html files as other help system does, but also all text formatted files, class files, jar and zip files.
      Once you have the Java Help System installed, your programming speed and qualities will be accelerated because you will get all info you need faster and easier.

Picture 1: explorer's features are accessed from shell menu of windows explorer

Picture 2: crating features are in main interface of the software

Picture 3: Java Help System - using page Index to find a class

Picture 4: Java Help System - displying compressed file

Version review:
  • version 1.40
    released in public with three launching features
    • run java applications and applets by double-clicking class files in windows explorer
    • create windows exe files with user icons, arguments of main method
    • create executable jar files
  • version 2.00
    add fourth launching feature
    • view java code and class hierarchy by right-clicking class files in windows explorer
  • version 3.00
    add four more launching features
    • view contents of jar and zip files without extracting them
    • compile thousands of java files by just one right-clicking
    • execute thousands of java applications and applets by just one right-clicking
    • debug thousands of java applications and applets by just one right-clicking
  • version 3.201
    • start enterprise edition
    • optimized 
  • all versions
    since July/2003, we have published following versions
    • 1.00, 1.10, 1.13, 1.20, 1.30, 1.40, 1.41, 1.42, 1.50, 1.54, 1.60, 1.70, 1.80, 1.90
    • 2.00, 2.10, 2.20, 2.30, 2.40, 2.45, 2.50, 2.52, 2.60, 2.70, 2.80, 2.90
    • 3.00, 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, 3.10, 3.20.60,5.70,5.80,5.90
    • What is new
      3.02 allows to extract selected file and/or directory from jar and zip files then save them to disk.
      3.03 redesigns user interfaces of the softwaare.

Agreement of use Java Launcher

Java Launcher is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
the software is free based on one of following two conditions.
  1. You are an end user
    download the software directly from this site.
    or use the software distributed by us or authorized organizations.
  2. Education organizations
    if you are a school, university or any kind of education organizations, you can copy and distribute the software (standard edition) as a whole inside the organization, to your students, teachers and staffs, but the distribution must be for free.
In any other cases, this program, any files, images or any parts of this program can not be copied, reproduced in any form or by any means if without prior written permission from us.

If you accept the agreement, you can download it now.

If you installed the software in your computer before, please run main program for once after installation to renew edition features from our web-site.
Download (2.72 M)

We strongly suggest you download our another powerful java tool -  Java Toolkit - also, which is an excellent collection and provides many benefits for popular java tools, such as Javadoc, Jar, Keytool and Ant.  

As a normal user, you can obtain enterprise edition of the software for free, please visit advanced user for more

If you are a web-master, please feel free to announce the software to your users.
You can simply modify or copy followings to your page (or other ways as you like based on "be nice").
Short description:

Java Launcher contains 9 launching features totally, 6 are in windows explore, 2 are for creating and one help system for J2SE documentations.
Features in explorer
1. run java applications and applets by double-clicking class files in explorer
2. view java codes and class hierarchies (graphic format) by right-clicking in explorer
3. display contents of jar and zip files without extracting them by right-clicking in explorer
4. compile thousands of java files by just one right-clicking in explorer
5. execute thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer
6. debug thousands of applications and applets by just one right-clicking in explorer
Features of creating
7. create windows exe files from java applications with user icons and more.
8. create executable (cross-platform) jar files
Java Help System
9. create an advanced J2SE documentation automatically without spending your any time and energy.

  • pad file:
  • download link:
  • screenshot:

Thank you.

[Reference software]
  • Windows exe wrappers (some of them are batch-like, individual, standalone win32 exe makers)
    JSmooth, JRun, Exe4J, JLauncher, JEXECreator, ExeJ, JEpack, JExePack, JLaunch, launch4J, NativeJ, execJava, Excelsior JET, Executor, Jshrink.
  • Double-clicking to run java applications
    Java Runner

If your download is slow, you can read followings, which describe popular java technologies and software.

  • JRE and J2SE (JDK)
    • Versions
      Following main versions have been released so far
      1.1x, 1.20, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.5.0 (5.0)
    • Differences between JRE (runtime environment) and JDK/SDK (development kits)
      from version 1.2,J2SE can be installed in two directories: JRE and JDK, which are slightly different.
      1. exe files
        unique in JRE: javacpl.exe, jucheck.exe, jusched.exe (in top bin directory)
        unique in JDK: javac.exe, jdb.exe, jar.exe, appletviewer.exe, javadoc.exe, javah.exe, javap.exe, jarsigner.exe, htmlconverter.exe, serialver.exe, packager.exe, rmic.exe, jconsole.exe, jstart.exe and more.
        public in both: java.exe, javaw.exe, javaws.exe, keytool.exe, klist.exe, servertool.exe, policytool.exe, and tools.jar.
      2. jar files
        unique in JRE: charsets.jar, deploy.jar, javaws.jar, jce.jar, jsse.jar, plugin.jar, rt.jar (in top bin directory)
        unique in JDK: dt.jar, tools.jar, htmlconverter.jar, jconsole.jar.
    JDK contains a sub-directory (named JRE also) which has same contents as JRE.
    the most differences are unique jars in JDK, such as tools.jar, if we use them as classpaths, we have to ask users to install them also.this also affects to j2ee, j2me. be careful with the difference even it is very slight.
    Curently, most of operating systems support java, such as Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, NT, Me), Macintosh, console, DOS, UNIX, linux, solaris, redhat, Mac, palm, Pocket PC, Microsystems, Workstations, and Workgroups 3.11.
  • Java IDEs (IDEAs, editors)
    which are very helpful for java programming, followings is main list of them we found on the internet:
    Eclipse, Netbeans, Borland JBuilder, Microsoft J++, IntelliJ, Sun one studio (Forte), JCreator, BlueJ, JEdit, Judo.
    we also provide a new java IDE: syncjedit, hope you enjoy it.
    Those IDEs involve a huge of techniques, such as JavaBean, Ant, Swing, jdt, pde, toolkits, xhtml, php, apache ware, servlet, mobile phone, tomcat, remote network, telnet, ejb, webapp, hprof, webservice, alert, ftp, webservice, midi, harddisk, hackman, jad, spec, webcam, webcast, desktop, struts, calendar, wireless, archived shortcut, docking toolbar, website, droplet, autoconf, jakarta, LAN, WAN, over-riding, (enabled, disabled) controls.
  • Plain java and/or related editors
    Their main purposes may not for java (such as text, XML, HTML, XHTML).
    NotePad, Dreamweaver XM, Hex Workshop, Abyss Web Server, Macromedia Contribute, TextPad, PageBreeze, AceHTML, Hackman Hex, HomeSite (5.5), Arachnophilia (5.2), Crimson (3.7), Antechinus JavaScript (4.0), Sferyx JSyndrome (1.0), Code Visual to Flowchart (3.0), JawaBeginner (1.6.2), Source Edit (4.0), Adobe GoLive CS, HotHTML 2001 (1.0.10), EditPlus (2.12), Namo WebEditor 6.0 Suite, Metamill (4.0), Mobiledit (1.95), PixMatrix (2.1),
  • Installation tools
    most of installation tools can help to handle setup of java programs for distributions, main tools are:
    Install4J, Launchanywhere, installanywhere, installshield, inno, Astrum InstallWizard.
  • Decompilers (disassemblers, parsers)
    Java classes can be decoded by many software, it means that classes are not safe for encryption and encoding of security issues (i.e. credit-card, checkOut, shopping cart).
    Normally decompilers are developed using c++ and do not require JVM.
    We comment: DJ Java, Cavaj java, KineticFusion, Jascii.
    Please visit their homepage for more information.
  • General involvements
    java vm (java virtual machine) and tools implement a large range of technologies, the most-often-used techs are
    GUI, JFC, layout, tcp/ip, socket, doclets, memory, automation, directshow, directdraw, directsound, opengl, java2d, java3d, jni, bytecode, audio, digital video, chat, client/server switches, routers, firewall, GNU, addin, excel, net, patch, collection (array, list, map), database (oracle, mysql, access sql server) and driver (jdbc, odbc), db2, dbase, embedded statements or native query, decompressions, class loaders.
  • Regular technologies
    realtime, algorithms, adapter, listener, enums, monitoring, mastering, tracking and ranking, binding, management, vector, command, static and dynamic transfers (flags), popup menus, optimization, marketing, webstart, webservice, weblogic, websphere, ebooks, replacement, tweak, hack, crack, administration, configuration, gaming, games, entries, hyperlink, cgi, jsp, jini, cookies.
  • Language conjunctions and interactions
    if you know other languages, such as C++, VB, Delphi, script, JavaScript, VbScript, CSS, Perl, Python, you can conjunct and interact java with com, dcom, activex, ocx, dll, registry, extension. they are supported and compatible with hot web browsers, such as microsoft IE, Netscape, firefox navigations.
  • Internet resources.
    1. Forums, web-logs and boutiques
      They are cool and online Webs for exchanging, analyzing and communicating ideas and knowledge, discussing and getting feedbacks, respondings, instructions
      you even can submit, subscribe, distribute, upload and announce java info there legally, you also can find useful samples, trusted apps, full freebies, integrated components, dependency, projects, messages, bookmarks, problem repairs, bug fixes, symbols, daily FAQs and tips.
      Today, most famous companies, orgnizations, hosts and domains (Sun, Microsoft, dns, IBM, msn, SourceForge, eBay) provide forums for us.
    2. Java communities
      Free newsletters. certificates, educations, associated guide, advicements, tutorials, surface syntax, structured documents, latest (group, IT industry, interpreted) news, journals, articles, mock (cram) exams, training materials, SCJP, books, javapapers, mails and emails.
    3. Software download sites
      There are many sites (such as and offer freeware, shareware and informations in categories.
      We can obtain new released, beta and updated tools, object oriented APIs, code glossaries, libraries, summaries, animated graphics to improve product's quality and reduce developping time even for commercial purposes.
  • Main Java interfaces and class hierarchies
  • super class direct known subclasses
    Component Container, Button, Checkbox, Choice, Canvas, Label, List, Scrollbar, TextComponent
    Container Window, JComponent, Panel, BasicSplitPaneDivider, CellRendererPane, DefaultTreeCellEditor.EditorContainer, ScrollPane
    JComponent AbstractButton, BasicInternalFrameTitlePane, Box, Box.Filler, JColorChooser, JComboBox, JFileChooser, JInternalFrame, JInternalFrame. JDesktopIcon, JLabel, JLayeredPane, JList, JMenuBar, JOptionPane, JPanel, JPopupMenu, JProgressBar, JRootPane, JScrollBar, JScrollPane, JSeparator, JSlider, JSpinner, JSplitPane, JTabbedPane, JTable, JTableHeader, JTextComponent, JToolBar, JToolTip, JTree, JViewport
    Panel Applet
    Applet JApplet
    Frame JFrame
    Window JWindow, Dialog, Frame, BasicToolBarUI.DragWindow,
    Dialog JDialog, FileDialog

Hope this enhances your java foundation.