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version 1.01, download is at bottom of the page

HyperCare is a powerful software for checking and editing missed links, TAG and Script errors of hyper documents  - such as html files - automatically and easily.
Hyper documents may be on remote site or local files.  
  • Remote site
    remote site is just web-site on the internet, the program analyzes it remotely online.
    if you are a web master, you can use the software to correct your site's errors.
  • Local files
    local files are hyper documents in local computer, which can be a group files, such as Microsoft html-help contents and sun's Java docs, or a single file.
Hyper errors are
  • File format errors
    such as Tag errors, string errors etc.
  • Link errors
    missed links, such as missed site links, remote links and file links.
    this program can show you details of missed link errors, such as line number and error type, and provides edit interface for correcting link errors, then upload modified file to your web-site for remote site or save it to disk for local files at your requests.

Main interfaces
The main interface of the software contains 4 pages
  1. Page main
    using ftp to connect to your web site and retrieve site information interested. 

  3. page info
    general error information for multiple files.
  4. page description
    retrieving error information for specified hyper file, which includes line number, type, reason and code of errors.
  5. page edit
    modifying errors of hyper file then upload to website. 
Note if you analyze local files (such as Microsoft html-help files), you just need to point to local directory (which contains local files)  and ignore ftp connection. 
To get start with the software, please download the software and read its help-contents.

Agreement of use HyperCare

HyperCare is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
The software is free based on one of following two conditions.

  1. You are an end user
    Download the software directly from this site.
    Or use the software distributed by us or authorized organizations.
  2. Education organizations
    If you are a school, university or any kind of education organizations, you can copy and distribute the software as a whole inside the organization, to your students, teachers and staffs, but the distribution must be for free.

In any other cases, this program, any files, images or any parts of this program can not be copied, reproduced in any form or by any means if without prior written permission from us.
If you accept the agreement, you can download it now.

Download HyperCare (1.42 M)    

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Deep technologies inside the software
The software is designed for web administrators and programmers who create help files for their software with hyper features.
It accesses website and local files with advanced algorithmic scanning to speed up its performances automatically, and checks achieved mistakes, such as broken links,  complete contacts, corrupted keywords, and verifies,  confirms and optimizes about hyper pages in different ways.
A well-generated documentation must contain less errors and allows to increase fast traffic strategies, supports multiple browsers, continent conversions, integrated blocks, central categories, smart and separated folders and directories.
It provides a super ftp connection to host (broadband and better bandwidth are recommend) or directly to sophisticate local files.
For web masters, it offers a actual overview of website by safe, untouched and secure process, also manages maximized upload functionalities. 
It accelerates accessible pages according to activities and adds additional lookups by administrator. different release of references, registers loads, reloads, refreshes, encrypts, submits, download s, publishes, renders, transfers, replaces, reports, splits and handles for JavaScript, Vb-Script or normal script with search engine, channel features, efficient elements, web traffics of experienced or expert customer.   

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