Frequently asked question about software

Followings are list of our products, please visit related software for your questions
  1. Java Launcher
  2. Java Toolkit
  3. Java help System
  4. SyncJEdit (IDE)
  5. Image Copier
  6. Super Calculator
  7. WinCut
  8. Icons to Bitmap

If you can not find answer about your questions on links above, please send email to directly with name of the software in email title, and plan text in email body.
For example

  • Title of your email
    Java Launcher - how do I get start?
  • Body of your email
    Any plan text

Please note, we receive too many emails everyday, most of them are newsletters and advertisements, if your email is 
  • without a reasonable title, we may delete the email without viewing
  • without a plan text body, we definitely delete it at once.
    please do not attach any files , normally we do not open any attachments because of virus except we find good reason from your plan text body.